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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Opposing honor killing is 'Islamophobia'

To say No to the mark of the beast is to say:

(And not to hate them!)

No too two states in the Land. Not to give a big part to these 'Chaldean'. 
The world shall pay a big 'prize' for that! Receive judgment!

No too all the laws that goes against the commandments of Abba YHWH. No choice than to say No to Shariah law.

Not to look to the other side or to say, it’s Peace, when they try to put shariah law in your country.

But to say  
Yes to Abba YHWH and His Laws special in this time when Abba YHWH is 'testing' us:

Hab 1:12 Are You not from everlasting, O 
יהוה my Elohim, my Set-apart One? You do not die! O יהוה, You have appointed them for right-ruling, O Rock, You have established them for reproof.

But please listen to Abba YHWH,

Deu 18:15 “
יהוה your Elohim shall raise up for you a Prophet like me from your midst, from your brothers. Listen to Him,
Deu 18:16 according to all you asked of 
יהוה your Elohim in Ḥorĕḇ in the day of the assembly, saying, Let me not hear again the voice of יהוה my Elohim, nor let me see this great fire any more, lest I die.’
Deu 18:17 “And 
יהוה said to me, ‘What they have spoken is good.
Deu 18:18 ‘I shall raise up for them a Prophet like you out of the midst of their brothers. And I shall put My Words in His mouth, and He shall speak to them all that I command Him.
Deu 18:19 ‘And it shall be, the man who does not listen to My Words which He speaks in My Name, I require it of him.

Rabbeinu Yeshuah said: Joh 8:28 So יהושע said to them, “When you lift up the Son of Adam, then you shall know that I am He (Ani Hu), and that I do none at all of Myself, but as My Father taught Me, these words I speak.

Opposing honor killing is 'Islamophobia'

We held our AFDI/SIOA Jessica Mokdad Human Rights conference last Sunday in Dearborn, the first honor-killing conference of its kind. Hundreds converged upon the Hyatt to join Robert Spencer and me and a full roster of luminaries to educate, elucidate and shine a light on the ugly and brutal atrocities under the Shariah. As expected, the goons, thugs and Muslim supremacists were also out in force. It seems that Islamic supremacists support murder for “honor,” for these subversive groups energetically opposed our conference dedicated to exposing the plight of women under Islamic law on the first anniversary of the honor murder of a Muslim girl in Michigan, Jessica Mokdad.

When we first called the conference, which we did to increase awareness of honor killings and gendercide under the Shariah, the only attention the media paid to it at all was to give a platform to the Mokdad family, which was whining that Jessica’s name was being used. Such grief – so touching the way so many Muslims go into "protect Islam” mode and not "protect our girls.” 
We named the conference after Jessica because she was the victim of an honor killing. Her family should be standing with us instead of denying this. Darwin Jiles, a close friend of Jessica and a powerful speaker at our conference, has said that "Jessica was someone who wanted to have liberties, like every other young lady that is born in America outside of the traditions of Islam are able to do, to pursue her own happiness and to pursue her own dreams.” About Jessica’s stepmother, Cassandra, who claims it was not an honor killing, Jiles said: "Cassandra really is portraying a false picture. And Pamela has every right to place the conference to be named after Jessica in regards to this, because it was Islam that caused her death.”
So enraged were some members of the Muslim community over our attempts to protect Muslim girls who wish to live free that they held an "Islamophobia” town hall. That’s right – you’re against honor killings? Well then, in the eyes of Muslims in Dearborn, you are a racistislamophobic anti-Muslim bigot.

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