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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Petition Against Muslim Call To Prayer

Dispatch International

Sign our protest

Allah isn’t great – not in Botkyrka, not in Sweden, not anywhere
Ismail Okur from the mosque in Botkyrka, Sweden, assures that the Muslim prayer call can be equated with Christian church bells that have been part of Swedish and European culture for a thousand years.
He is of course well aware that it isn’t true and that the prayer call is and always has been a manifestation of Muslim supremacy over Christians, Jews and anybody else, who Islam labels as infidels and blasphemers.

He also knows full well that an area that has accepted this Islamic demonstration of power every Friday and soon five times a day has thereby signaled that it has surrendered to Islam, and that its non-Muslim inhabitants have acquiesced in a life as dhimmies, i.e. as subjects deprived of legal protection and at the mercy of Muslim dominance.
It begins in Botkyrka but will soon spread to all of Sweden and from there to the rest of Europe unless we say no.
Allah isn’t great – not in Botkyrka, not in Sweden, not anywhere else.
And we are not dhimmies cringing before an ideology that has devastated every place on earth where is has gained a foothold for the past 1400 years.
No to the Muslim prayer call wherever they try to impose it!
If you agree, please sign here.
Please sign no later than October 31. We will subsequently transmit the protest to the authorities in Botkyrka Municipality.
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